Who are we?

We manufacture our KNX smart server and KNX IP interfaces in Turkey. Within 2022 we will the first and only KNX smart server and KNX IP interface developer + manufacturer of the USA. We are the only one but our hardware and framework is much faster than the european manufacturers.

We are a dynamic team of electronic, mechanical, and industrial engineers, UX/UI designers, product designers, and digital strategists with over 25-years of experience in software and technology.

To date, we’ve produced over 60 award-winning projects for over 20 international banking & finance, aviation, and technology companies.

Now we’re taking our expertise to the next level with Robomigo, the next generation of smart automation systems. Developed in 2017 and launched in 2020, Robomigo is the fruit of our 25 years of software and 20 years of UX/UI design experience.

We want to bring Robomigo to homes, yachts, caravans,tiny houses, office towers, hotels, factories...

We believe that we will contribute to a sustainable, eco-friendly future with cash and energy savings.