Robomigo Ultra-Smart system benefits to a hotel

    1. Wow Factor in Customer Experience: 

      1. Guests enjoy touchless rooms and touchless hotel experiences which they operate on their own phone with Rosewood app with their own voice. 

      2. Rooms and hotels remember guests’ previous preferences; a major driver of app downloads and guest loyalty in the long run.

      3. We bake in specific unforgettable experiences (eg. Bellagio fountain controls by children of a family on their phone), giving flagship hotels iconic use cases.

    2. Integrated: We integrate into existing software to streamline them and to solve for current inefficiencies, which closed systems naturally cause.

    3. Flexible: Robomigo is compatible to be both wired / wireless.

    4. Convenient: Use Robomigo on the Cloud or store all data on-premise.

    5. Customized: We customize your current app to have all the enhancements of our system.

    6. Simple: Our system is quick and easy to install and scale to hotels with our expert teams. It also does not take significant time to onboard personnel. For guests, it is completely visual and intuitive to use easily.

    7. Sustainable: Our system is as eco-friendly as the human mind can imagine. We bake in any smart AI scenario to ensure energy conservation. (eg “Don’t water gardens, if there is rain.”) Our system eradicates room for human error & oversight. We constantly upgrade our scenarios for you to stay on top of latest sustainability trends.

    8. Interoperable: 

      1. On the systems side, Robomigo talks to Google, Amazon and Apple systems seamlessly. We will integrate into the other systems you use, as necessary.

      2. On the product side, Robomigo uses 10K devices & sensors, from 500 brands, giving you the highest range of flexibility any system can offer. Because we are brand-agnostic, this gives you great flexibility in budget control. Also, if any manufacturer goes bankrupt, you can seamlessly exchange their devices with another company’s, for the same functionality.

    9. Open and Future-proof: Open platform usage guarantees you will be able to reprogram, upgrade and optimize all & parts of the system in perpetuity. We give monthly support to make sure you meet changing needs and latest standards.

    10. Secure: Robomigo employs the highest level encryption technology. 256-bit end-to-end encryption protects all access between Robomigo, the cloud network, and control devices (iPhone/iPad/Mac/PC/android phone/ tablet).

    11. Compatible with interior design guidelines: We put high-tech tablets in rooms or keep the current switch/device design as per your interior design protocols.

    12. Energy & Cost Savings: We demonstrated up to 40% savings in 5 years of testing of our systems. The manufacturers of smart sensors & devices also do these tests and prove such savings.

    13. Hotel/Room Controls: You have real-time supervision and control of the entire hotel / room like never before.

    14. Informed decision-making: Management gets to see real and detailed consumption trends, etc, in order to make informed managerial decisions.

Benefits to Hotels