Which platforms are compatible with Robomigo?

You can control Robomigo from any platform; your computer, smartphone, tablet (IOS or Android), PC, Mac...

What kind of a technology does Robomigo use?

Robomigo smart device connects to your home local network and to the cloud. Your phone or tablet apps connect to to the Robomigo Device on the local network but if you are outside automatically to the cloud. From your mobile app you can manage all of your home devices. There is also a home superadmin and dealer portal where you can modify your very detailed settings.

Which accessories can I control with Robomigo?

With Robomigo, you can remotely control and automate any lighting, heating, cooling, curtain, shutter, audio, or security system along side your home appliances.

My home is KNX wired. How to install Robomigo?

Robomigo is super easy and practical to install. All to be done is to wire Robomigo to your KNX network and define the rooms in your house. You can download the Robomigo Home app and start controlling your house. You can start using Siri right away. It is that easy.

Can Robomigo support old homes and buildings?

Option I: Wired
In new installations or renovations, the exchange of data between devices is typically done via a separate control cable (TP). This ensures highest level of transmission reliability.
Option II: Wireless When no cables can be installed transmission of data can be accomplished with Radio Frequency transmission.
Option III: Powerline If no additional control cable can be installed, the existing 110/220 Volt cable can be used as Powerline Transmission

Is Robomigo easy to use?

Robomigo was created by user experience experts and user interface designers. Robomigo is easier to use than any home automation system you’ve tried before.

Can I have my company's own home automation app?

Since we are currently the only KNX smart server manufacturer in the USA, if you are USA based, you can have your own home automation app powered by Robomigo.

Your tenants or your home buyers might control their homes with your own home app.

Your dealer will do the initial setup for you.