Smart home systems
are messy.
Yours shouldn’t be!

·      Our small and integrated smart device helps you run your home, office, car, boat, hotel... on your phone, from anywhere in the world, remotely.
·      You can add 8000+ IOT devices to your Apple Homekit (with SIRI) Google Home or Alexa.
·      Endless number of sensors can automate anything in your home. You can automatically water your plants according to ph levels.
·      Compatible to be integrated into any brands' smart devices (Siemens, Bosch, Miele...)

·      You can control your solar panel, pool heating, kettle, fridge, toaster, curtains, AC, lights, coffee machine, garage door and security with one app.
·        How about creating a customized home automation for curing insomnia? According to circadian lifestyle, you have to stop eating at 5pm, go to bed at 9 pm and wake up by 7 am. That's when you get your vitamin D and melatonin the most. So after 5pm, your fridge gets locked. Your lights dim. Your curtains open at 6am without you thinking about any of these.

·        Robomigo is world's fastest KNX/IP interface.
·        The ONLY KNX smart server and IP interface manufacturer and developer in the US.
·        Controls all electric devices. Turns any electric device into IoT.
·        The lowest cost.
·        The quietest.
·        The smallest.
·        User-friendly, remote control, app or web-based.
·        Multiple user control.

·        Robomigo employs the highest level encryption technology.
·        A 256-bit end to end encryption protects all access between your Robomigo, the cloud network, and control devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac, PC, android phone,tablet).


Imagine endless scenarios. Build it with a click.


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Design your own living space tailored to one’s lifestyle. An old home or modern apartment building with the highest comfort and quality will improve your home value at the real estate market.
·        Heat your oven as you head home from work,
·        Turn your robo-vacuum on before that unexpected guest of yours arrives,
·        Close your shutters/blinders as soon as the weather turns windy,
·        Heat your bathroom,
·        And more!


Introduce your office to the comfort of Robomigo!

Design your office so that it meets your needs and that it saves money. With Robomigo you can substantially decrease your maintenance costs in terms of energy consumption. The use of smart technology will also increase the productivity of your office and team.


Enjoy Robomigo on your boat!

In the evening, the lights switch on automatically. Set an atmospheric ambience on your boat with lights dimming which is appropriate on a luxury boat. Discretely placed LED luminaires turn on automatically to show you the safe route to the bathroom or the deck. They are controlled by presence sensors on the floor area.

Rental Properties

Your rental properties are now under Robomigo’s control!

With Robomigo, keep your rental properties and AirBnb's in your control.
You can remotely customize the settings of your property, from temperature to light settings for the comfort of each guest.


Make your buildings smarter with Robomigo!

With Robomigo, automate your building’s lighting, heating, cooling, and security systems.

By automating your building you will considerably lower your maintenance costs. Robomigo makes it possible to reduce your energy consumption for lighting, shading, heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Industrial Sites

Make your industrial sites smarter with Robomigo!

The production of goods needs an efficient and reliable infrastructure. Moreover, it’s important that an industrial building and its goods are protected against intruders. Robomigo offers a safe and easy to manage system for a stable production process.


Let your hotel guests enjoy the comfort of Robomigo!

Every hotel wants to offer a high level of comfort to their guests. At the same time, it is important to save costs by smart control of energy usage. Building automation with Robomigo is the perfect solution to meet your guests’ high expectations while saving energy.